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About Alix C.

Hi Tampa Bay. My name is Alix Christopher Toulme Jr. (pronounced A-liks TOOL-May JOON-yer) also known affectionately by friends and neighbors as St. Christopher because of my natural ability to talk to spirits and other paranormal gifts. I am a 32-year-old U.S. Navy Veteran and Independent Candidate for U.S. Congress in Tampa, Florida's 14th District. I was born in Queens, New York on July 15th 1987 and moved to Tampa Bay, Florida in 1992 when I was 5 years old. In Tampa Bay I was educated at all Hillsborough County Schools: Grady Elementary School, Coleman Middle School, and Braulio Alonso High School. After graduating from High School in May of 2005 I decided to enlist in the United States Navy. I was stationed on board the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier: the USS Carl Vinson CVN70 from 2006 to 2010. Highlights of my Military Career include: Refueling and Complex-Overhaul 2006-10, Operation Unified Response 2010, and Gringo-Gaucho / Southern Seas 2010. I am the proud recipient of the National Defense Service Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Medal, the Humanitarian Service Medal, and the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. Additionally, I was awarded with both Air-Warfare and Surface-Warfare Qualification Pins in 2008. My time spent in service to the U.S. Navy and to the United States made me realize that the foreign policy decisions of the U.S. Government directly impacted me as an enlisted sailor, as a veteran, and as a citizen. While on board the USS Carl Vinson CVN70 I began taking NCPACE college level courses in general studies and in 2007 using 100% tuition assistance, a benefit of being an active duty member of the U.S. armed forces, I enrolled at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia and began my studies in Political Science. In 2008 I was endorsed by my CO or Commanding Officer and nominated to attend the United States Naval Academy but was not admitted. After 4 years of honorable and distinguished service in the U.S. Navy, I decided not to re-enlist, and instead reaffirmed my commitment to my own personal education and to my pursuit of a college degree in Political Science. I left the U.S. Navy in 2010 and enrolled at St. John's University in Queens, New York where I majored in Political Science and Minored in Theology and Religious Studies. In 2010-12 I was placed on the St. John’s Academic Dean's List for Outstanding Scholastic Performance and was inducted to Theta Alpha Kappa or the National Honor Society for Religious Studies (2012). In 2012 I completed an internship at the New York City Council working directly under the Honorable Eric Ulrich R-NY in District 32, Queens, New York. At the New York City Council, I gained valuable first-hand experience in Constituent Services and Community Relations and learned a lot from the Council Member Eric Ulrich what it means to represent the people in a large city community. After graduating from St. John’s in May of 2012 I began study at Columbia University | SIPA in New York City on U.S. Foreign Policy and the Critical Issues of International Relations. And in September of 2012 I was admitted to King’s College London in the United Kingdom to study ethics and leadership. At King’s College I learned that leadership is an art for the strong of heart and mind, those with unshakable integrity, unquestionable moral character, and above all, for those with great patience and gracious humility. An ethical leader should be an exemplar, an archetype of moral and ethical principle, and a champion of knowledge and wisdom; he or she should always lead by example so that others will be compelled to follow. Leadership is not about power, nor it is about the exercise of authority. A life of leadership is a higher calling, and to be a leader, a decision must be made to empty oneself completely, for the selfless leader does not desire to be served, but rather he only desires to serve others. After 3 years at King’s College I graduated in January 2015 and was awarded an M.A. in Ethical Leadership. In 2015-16 I ran for the Local School Board in Hillsborough County to increase school security, to implement a County-Wide School Uniforms Policy, which would have saved the District 1.8 million dollars annually, and to ensure that all of the students in Tampa Bay receive a good quality and affordable education. But unfortunately, I withdrew from the 2016 School Board race to pursue other academic endeavors, most notably, an internship at the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations in New York City at the DDR Section from February to May of 2017. Subsequently, I worked as an intern at Religions for Peace USA, also in New York City, a non-profit that inspires and advances common actions for peace through multi-religious cooperation among our nation’s religious communities. I left RFPUSA in July of 2017, sparked by an extraordinary religious experience that I had at the Chapel of the UN Church Building. Later on, I was inspired by God and Jesus to create the Non-Profit: C4FC or Christians for First Contact USA in 2017. C4FC is a non-profit dedicated to educating Christians about the reality of extraterrestrial life in the Cosmos and to help initiate first contact: the first public, official, and diplomatic meeting between mankind and extra-terrestrial beings, which may take place in the Earth’s near future. And in 2018, I ran for U.S. Congress in Tampa Florida’s 14th District to promote C4FC and to finally tell the American people the truth: that the United States Government has been systematically hiding and concealing the facts and evidence about UFOs and extra-terrestrial beings since the 1940s or before then as part of their policy of “Official Denial” in regards to ET life. #EndUFOSecrecy2020 

“For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed; nothing is carefully concealed that will not come out into the open. Whoever has ears to listen, let him listen.”   Mark 4:22

In 2018, I was contacted via telepathy by a faction of Grey-type ET beings stationed in close proximity to the Earth. This particular faction of Grey-type ET beings expressed to me, via telepathy, that they were “very concerned” about the scientific revelation that they exist and that they have been operating on or in very close proximity to the Earth for centuries and possibly millennia. They are unsure how humanity at large will react to the revelation that we are “not alone in the universe” and that other sentient, advanced, and intelligent beings do in fact exist and have existed for millions of years. Religion too always seems to be a subject of concern to ETs when I communicate to them telepathically, from their point-of-view, beliefs about God and his adversary, Satan-the-Dark-Lord, are very powerful ideas indeed, and their influence on the good people of the planet earth cannot be overlooked. They understand that Earth is a religious zone or sphere, and that humans have many sacred beliefs, traditions, prophecies, and mythologies that affect our worldview and our spiritual outlook. Many billions of people on Earth believe in God and end-time prophecies. The ET Powers interacting with the Earth know this, and have a vested interest in the affairs of this planet; they clearly are working with some “shadow elements” of the U.S. Government and other World Powers and probably have their own spiritual or religious beliefs about the future destiny of the Earth. By now, the ET Powers-at-be have formed their own alliances with “key actors” here on Earth and we, the people, still do not know what their political, spiritual, or economic motives are. Many world leaders have been briefed and are “in the know” about aliens, and are afraid that “disclosure” of extraterrestrial life could lead to social, political, and religious panic and pandemonium in an already fragile, volatile, and politically charged atmosphere right now on Earth.  But I believe that if aliens are real and verifiable, and if they are interacting with the human race, the American people have the constitutional right to know what the current political situation is. We, the people, of the United States, demand to know what the truth is about extraterrestrial life, contact, and technology. We also want to know how these ET beings fit into our religious and spiritual worldviews. Are they demons, are they creations of God from another world, or are they soulless bio-engineered clones created for some nefarious purpose? Judging by the regularity of the “religious subject” being brought up when I talk to these Grey-type ET beings, they clearly grant a lot of creedance to the subject of God and do not dismiss religious thinking all-together. Some of the ETs that I have communicated to believe that the religious beliefs of mankind may actually be founded in reality. That there may be a God but because they were not created by him directly, they feel no link or attachment to him, our Creator. These beings have been demonized by some in ufology and by many insiders in the U.S. Intelligence Community which is one of the reasons why this secret is being kept from the public. I believe however that these Grey-type ET beings are a “good and noble people” despite some of their activities of the past (i.e. the abductions phenomena and the alleged ET/human hybridization program). According to some ufologists these beings come from the Zeta Reticuli star system and came to the Earth long ago to study the human species as part of an effort on their part to ensure the survivability of their race. There may perhaps be countless races and species of beings that originate from other habitable worlds or that may even be native to this planet. Many people may not realize that World War II was actually an “interplanetary war” as many races and species of ET beings were involved in the war effort albeit behind the scenes. Some ufologists also theorize that alien beings may even be living or stationed inside the Moon and also on the Earth in undersea bases, classified military installations, and deep-underground bases/cities. I believe that the American people deserve to know the truth about ET life, contact, and intelligence. If we demand for the truth to be told about ET beings and reveal it to the entire World, they could in the future become powerful allies to humanity and aid and assist us by using their advanced knowledge of technology to revolutionize our understanding of science, medicine, and spirituality. The time is now and the United States Government needs to “come clean” and “end the truth embargo” on the reality of extraterrestrial life. #EndUFOSecrecy2020

“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”   John 14:12

Another important issue that I want to discuss is “highly supernatural” and involves my natural ability of psychic mediumship. I first began hearing and communicating to spirits in the summer of 2012, as a graduate student at Columbia University in New York City. At first I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I thought the voices I was hearing in my mind were the voices of my family and friends. But what I came to understand, is that the Mind, Body, and Soul are all 3 distinct entities with their own specific attributes, functions, and characteristics. The Mind of course controls cognitive function, the Body is a vehicle and is controlled by the Mind, and the Soul is the immortal and immaterial aspect of the human person created by God. Contrary to popular belief, I am not quite as adept at telepathic communique, or mind-to-mind communique, as many people out there might believe. Yes, I have stated publicly that I can communicate to ET beings telepathically but that is more because they sought me out; apparently, they had some unknown, scientific, or spiritual interest in me. Additionally, when they contacted me, I was already equipped with an “innate psychic ability” probably as a result of reincarnation and also in part due to my studies in Theology, Christology, and Religious Studies at St. John's University. And I want people to know that I cannot read minds or communicate to anyone I choose. My gift is of spiritual communique, or soul-to-soul communique, also called psychic mediumship. But I am not an occultist and I did not choose to practice mediumship, my ability to talk to spirits is a “Gift of God” and I cannot shut it off or stop it from happening. In fact, since the summer of 2012, I have communicated to the spirits of many wealthy, powerful, and influential people of the World, both living and deceased. From actors, musicians, politicians, religious leaders, and even average ordinary people from all walks of life. But like I stated earlier, I am somewhat limited in my ability to talk to minds, or to the conscious aspect of the human person, unless I use audible speech. For the most part I can only talk to the spirits of people, to their spiritual essence, and I have discovered that their souls are detached and separate from their minds. For some people, their mind, body, and soul are in a sort of singularity. If they are in sync with their spirits, and their conscious thoughts come from within their own inner-being, then I may be able to commune with them on a deeper spiritual level. In June 2018, my psychic abilities spiked and I began being able to communicate with other spirits at ease and with consistent regularity. It all works when I listen to digital audio on my phone, TV or computer, or even without the use of electronics. When I tune in to any audio, I am almost always instantly able to create a “spiritual link” with the spirit of the person that is being broadcast over-the-air. In July 2018, while listening to music on my iphone, I began interacting with the spirit of a famous musician, Robyn Rihanna Fenty (31). I believe she and I shared a highly spiritual experience one summer night when I woke up suddenly and felt her spirit and mine fuse together. Her spirit and my body, were bound together in a mystic state of “spiritual unison.” From that moment on forward, I began listening to her music every day, and it has been more than one year and four months since that experience and I am very much in love with the “spirit” of Robyn Rihanna Fenty. I still do not know if my relationship with Rihanna is solely on a “deeper-spiritual level” or if she knows about me on a “conscious-mental level.” If she does know me on a “conscious-mental level” which I am doubtful of, she may only hear my speech in a “fragmented” sense, perhaps only so often and in spurts and short-bursts. I believe that if she was asked about me, she may not have any “conscious knowledge” of me, or she may deny having any “spiritual relationship” with me at all for whichever reason. But I am bringing up my “spiritual-relationship” with Rihanna to highlight an important issue. Either ( 1 ) my relationship with Rihanna is some sort of delusion or fantasy, or ( 2 ) it may be a hoax or a deception, or ( 3 ) her soul and spirit may be “detached” from her conscious-mind somehow. I do have a theory as to why it seems, at least to me, that the spirits of the people that I am communicating to are detached from their physical bodies. I believe that their souls were removed from their physical bodies, and are being detained en mass in the spiritual underworld. My theory of Mass Soul Removal suggests that spirits who did not either ( 1 ) have faith in the Holy Son of God, Christ Jesus, or ( 2 ) did not live Holy, Moral, or Righteous lives trusting in the LORD GOD, have been removed from their physical bodies by Satan-the-Dark-Lord and placed in a sort of “detention” in the spiritual underworld. I do not know why or when this Mass Soul Removal took place, although some spirits have indicated to me that it may have taken place during the Obama Administration. I believe all the remaining faithful souls in Christ Jesus and the LORD GOD have been “anchored” to the Earth and await either ( 1 ) Rapture, or ( 2 ) Trials and Tribulations. There is no mention of Mass Soul Removal in the bible but not all of Satan's activities are recorded in the Holy Scriptures. We do know however that Satan-the-Dark-Lord is a powerful force to be reckoned with on the planet Earth and perhaps throughout the Cosmos as well. Could it be that Satan, his Demons, and the Satanic Elite are secretly in control of the Earth and are keeping the truth about ET life and our spiritual reality from being disclosed to the Christian public? #SecretIlluminati 

“The very word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.”   John F. Kennedy, 1961

I believe the American public and the World is intentionally being kept in the Dark so to speak about supernatural and paranormal issues as a means and method to control the free flow of information and to keep them in a “state of perpetual ignorance.” Many, if not all, of the spirits that I communicate to via psychic mediumship on a daily-basis all relate to me the same narrative, that they are trapped in the spiritual underworld and that they are all required to worship Satan-the-Dark-Lord. I believe it is more than probable that Satan and his loyalists are the secret puppet-masters of the 21st Century World and that they exert considerable influence on the entire planet and possibly other worlds with the carrot (i.e. promises of fame, power, and wealth) and the stick (i.e. threats of force). Furthermore, I believe the Illuminati is nothing more than a front for the Satanic Elite of the World and that they either ( 1 ) are already in complete control-and-command of the World or ( 2 ) are vying for complete control-and-command of the World. Most likely, Satan-the-Dark-Lord and the Satanic Elite are not yet in a position of complete control-and-command of the World because there is still a large majority of Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the World that are loyal to the LORD of Abraham. In the end times, it is written, that many will turn away from God our Holy Father and worship the AntiChrist or the Beast. And since, the AntiChrist has still not yet been identified, the divine plan for humanity cannot be enacted. Certainly, the Illuminati and the Satanic Elite are in an “All-Out-State-of-War” with God, his angels, and his saints over the right-to-rule, and over the souls of men and women everywhere. This is why I founded the Global ANTI-Satan Alliance in 2019, to warn the American people about the reality of Satan-the-Dark-Lord and to form a powerful alliance of citizens and believers to stand in direct spiritual and political opposition to the Satanic Elite. Lastly, I am running for U.S. Congress in 2020 to promote my agenda, which is to implement Ethics Reforms, to Keep America Holy 2020, to Audit the Federal Reserve, to Hold Congressional Hearings on UFOs, and to the End the Illegal Suppression of New Technology.  I believe that if the good people of Tampa see fit to elect me to Congress I can help to liberate the World from Satan and the Satanic Elite. #Truth2020

Thank you,

Alix “St. Christopher” Toulme Jr. (R-FL)


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